Brief Introduction 1 hr $600
Blissful Connection  (recommended minimum) 1.5 hrs $900
Secret Rendezvous 2 hrs $1200
Erotic Encounter 3 hrs $1800
Dinner and Dessert 4 hrs $2400
Slumber Party 12 hrs


Plus Some Experience +400 


1 day  (24 hours) 8k, 2 days (48 hours) 12k, 3 days (72 hours) 16k

Please leave the Donation in an envelope in the Restroom

Please do not talk about the donation in email or in person, it ruins the mood :) 

For all appointments 4 hours or longer a 25% deposit will be charged.

I am Currently Blonde again as of June 2017

I love doubles as well.  

Couples 1k hourly or 3 hours for 2500.


I understand that things come up and at times cancellations need to be made. However, like any business, I do enforce a cancellation policy. It is simple, if you cancel on me within 6 hours before our booking, you will be required to pay 1/2 of the total donation (payable by giftcard).